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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Young Bognor squash players got a chance to boost their skills when a world renowned coach paid a visit to their club.

Inspirational Sussex head coach Graham Stevenson was invited to take a session at Bognor Squash Club, in Hawthorn Road, by club coach Zoë Shardlow as part of the Sussex development scheme.

For Stevenson, it was a return trip to the club and he found plenty had changed.

His advice then had been to recruit a pro-active coach and he was pleased to see they had done exactly that – with Shardlow boosting junior participation numbers from two to over 20, as well as running successful team training sessions and launching new club squash titles for junior squash and women’s racketball.

Stevenson said: “Zoe’s enthusiasm and know-how have transformed things and I was delighted to work with her and a lovely group of youngsters, keen to improve their skills. The only anxiety was whether we might have too many players on the day, or consume too much homemade cake!

“As senior Sussex coach, I am reassured to see a club where there is so much junior activity, and a programme to meet the needs of all young players, from complete beginner, to national squad standard, so ‘Well done Zoë’, and long may it last.”

Looking forward, Stevenson was optimistic, and encouraged Shardlow to continue seeking involvement with local schools.

He said: “If the planned liaisons with local schools come to fruition, then the future looks bright at Bognor, and Sussex can only benefit from this talent pathway.”

All the young players had a great time and a cake sale raised over £20 for junior funds.

Zoë currently runs junior sessions on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays and day camps during all holidays (Year 4 and above).

SquashGirlsCan squash and racketball is on Thursday evenings and one-to-one sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Bognor also has senior citizen beginners at squash and at racketball. Contact Zoë on 07841194463.

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